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Then there&39;s the sound of your voice. I love you because out of all of the other people in this world, you still chose me. There are so many signs of this each and every day.

You never do or say anything to hurt me. I love the way you look at me 5. You give me enough space and time for myself. You keep my head above water, even when I think I’m drowning. 5-inches Love Letter Gift Book for Friends, Family Member, Anniversary, Girlfriend, Boyfriend or Groom to Bride Gifts. You can change them however you want to make them even better! The 21 reasons why I love you and ‘just know’.

We offer the ability to create a LoveBook for almost any occasion for a wide variety of relationship types. I want to marry you, because I want to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. I love the way w finish each other&39;s sentences.

Because you encourage me when I feel like life is The Reason I Love You hopeless. It&39;s clear you are my reason to love. EMOTIONAL REASONS WHY I LOVE YOU I love you because you are the only person that has the key to my heart. You&39;re the wind to my wings, The steps to my dances, The voice to my songs. You are the reason why I feel so lucky and special. You can even make your own list of reasons, but read on anyway because our list of reasons could inspire you to come up with your own.

You alone have unlocked the way to my heart. Yet that&39;s not the reason I love you. You respect my personal boundaries. We all have The Reason I Love You reasons why we love someone. CREATE YOUR OWN PERSONAL LOVE STORY. 30 Reasons Why I Love You poem by Frandy Osias Louis. I feel comfortable around you. You are the reason why I smile.

Because I feel safer knowing you’re in my life. There is only one you. You give me a reason to love you.

There is nothing late or too early to exchange words of alluring love with your soul mate. I love the way I know youll never give up on me. I love you being the reason of my smile. You&39;re the most caring human being, The very generous and gentle,.

I love how you always bring me food when you come see me at work (a girl’s gotta eat). I love you because you never cease to make me smile or laugh. I love myself, too, but your care and attention definitely helps! . Collect all the reasons below that resonate with you. We get caught up in saying ‘I love you’ when we leave The Reason I Love You our partner, greet our partner, or when something really good happens.

I love you because you take the time to really understand who I am. Below is a list of “100 reasons why I love you. I love you because you always have my side no matter what you always understand me for my things even if I don’t give any explanation for any specific thing. So, these are some of the reasons that will make your love life memorable and fill the void of words.

We all have reasons why we love someone. At least saying ‘I love you ‘ is not enough to make someone believe you truly love them. But you might find it hard to express the reasons that you do love your soul mate. I know I tell you it enough, but I’ll just lay out a list for you in case you ever forget why I love you. Even when I am not with you, I can still feel you with me. I love that you are the person I get to spend the rest of my life with, because with you I know that no day will be the same (or easy) but it will always be filled with love and effort.

” Check those 20 romantic love poems out and after reading this you have the complete list of 100 reasons why i love you! 52 Reasons Why I Love you Cards. You know how depressive I can be and you do everything to disarm my negative feelings and bad thoughts. It&39;s the unique combination of all things YOU. Here you’ll find the best ideas for the “100 reasons why I love you” cards.

The drama separately follows the love lives of two very different women, both played by Sawajiri. There are 365 reasons why I love you because you need to give them a reason every single day throughout the year. Sometimes, the explanation “I love you because everything” is just not enough. I love the way I know you&39;ll never give up on me. You have given me 100 more reasons to love you. I love you because. You motivate me every single day to be a better me. You surely have a romantic feel for your husband or wife, but couldn’t find reasons to say so.

You love unconditionally. You came into my life for a reason. However, maybe you won’t have to come up with your own because you might find the right words.

Make your own “list of things I love about you” to share with The Reason I Love You your beloved. 1. You are the reason I live. Because you always show up when I need you most. I love you because even in the coldest weather you warm me with your love and warmth. Because you remind me of my worth and give me a reason to smile every damn day. 175 Reasons Why I Love You.

The reasons why I love you as my friend may not be the same reason why you love me. Charlie Wilson - You Are (Lyrics on screen and in description) I do not own anything in this video, simply a fan video, no copyright infringement intended, j. I love you because you always shower me with a certain tenderness and affection that makes me feel like the most loved person in the world. They are also reasons for “why I love you! I love the fact that I wouldnt ever give up on you. I love you because you’re the only person in the entire world that can make me laugh when I’m feeling down. The way you smell, your smile, the way my body reacts to yours. I love the way you whisper to.

You make me feel like I’m the only person in the world. You have passion in all that you do! But I love you so much that these reasons are very less! You may have spent five years with someone before you realized what you really felt like or it may only have been a couple of months. And even though there’s nothing better than hearing “I love you” from the person you care about most, it’s still nice to switch it up from time to time.

You inspire me to improve and to become a better person. I love you because you gave me serenity in the midst of struggle. The LoveBook® Book Building System lets you tell that story by listing all those special reasons why you love them. You love me even when I find it hard to love myself.

We have so much in common with you. You&39;re the reason for breathing, The purpose for thriving, The cause for living. Reasons why I love you! Every little single detail about you that makes you who you are and the fact that you are the best husband in the whole world Bonus Reason 101.

It is a special key designed just for you and nobody else. You love being a father (and you’re pretty good at it wink wink)! That is why we need to reassure our loved ones that we still love them by expressing our love to them.

You taught me to enjoy each breath I take. “L” is a cool working woman who shies away from love, while “M” is pure and cute but can be a little devilish when it comes to men. See more videos for The Reason I Love You. You remind me that I can do whatever I put my mind to. The Reason I Love You It is the source of happiness, strife, joy, anger, excitement, and stress, all mixed up into one incredible feeling. The reason why I love you so much is because knowing that you’re in love with me makes me feel like I can do anything. People try to rub things out but they cannot; Past hurts are inscribed in their hearts.

You are just amazing. A piece of love poem won’t hurt and will definitely add much more romance to your love declaration. They can show appreciation, they can let your loved one know how grateful you are of having him/her in your life – they’re fun little love notes. Each one of these 365 reasons why I love you and the things I love about you were so easy to list.

I want to marry you, because you inspire me to be the best person I can be. ILOVEYOU, sometimes referred to as Love Bug or Love Letter for you, is a computer worm that infected over ten million Windows personal computers on and after when it started spreading as an email message with the subject line "ILOVEYOU" and the attachment "LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU. You helped me regain my faith in people. I love you more than I can describe in words. Everyone has a unique love story. Share these reasons with the one you love, or even write your own list dedicated to your partner for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary.

You&39;re the joy in my heart, The sparkle in my eye, The light in my life. Reasons why I love you: Loving someone unconditionally and entirely is something that sometimes takes time and sometimes not. The 52 reasons why I love you list is perfect for turning a deck of cards into a memorable gift. I love you for the way you make me feel when I am with you. The fact that this list was so easy to write, but also so hard because I had to limit it to just 100 reasons when I can think of at least a million plus reasons why I love you and why I am the.

I love you for always being so unapologetically yourself. Sweetheart, I love you because you made me a better version of myself, you see through me and believed in me even when anyone did not, you were by my side when I feel the whole world is against me and for all this reasons and more I just love you so much. Reasons Why I Love You List: 15 Powerful Things To Tell Your Partner What powerful things can you say to your partner? The list below will help to formulate and express your love. You are the reason I love again. Reasons Why I Love You So Much 1. I punched holes along the left edge of all 52 cards in a standard deck.

even though I’ve got a million of them. I love how you’re still friends with all of your high-school buddies. The words ‘I love you’ can lose their meaning when you are only using them in this way. Because you find ways to touch or hold me, removing space. I love the way you look at me. This is why it is great to have a list of reasons why you would love someone.

I love the fact that I wouldn&39;t ever give up on you. This is one of the reasons I love you. The Reason Why I Like You. More The Reason I Love You images. And the notes can be anything!

I love the way we glance at each other across the room and know what each other is thinking. Hell, you make me a better me every single day. Start making your LoveBook by selecting the "Get Started" tab on our home page. You are the reason I love you. I actually did this for Nathan for one of our first Valentine’s days together. I love the fact that I don’t need a reason to love you.

. 5 out of 5 stars 67. It’s a jar that you fill with notes – the “reasons” why you love your special some one. Reasons I Love You Journal Notebook - 40 Blank Pages (20 Sheets) 6 x 4. I love you because you respect me and my choices and this is the thing in my reasons why I love you. Somehow you know exactly what to say to make me feel better. ” Read the reasons below and see which ones resonate with you and feel true for the person that you are with.

The Reason I Love You

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